Product Documentation

To add a connector to Multi-Tenant Console

Jan 25, 2013

A connector is a description of the TCP port that will be used on a Tomcat server. The Connectors tab displays the list of all the connectors for all the Tomcat servers handled by Multi-Tenant Console. For each Tomcat server and for each tenant, an HTTP connector is required. For the tenant, the connector is required to separate the PKI used by each tenant. Another HTTPS connector is also needed for iOS enrollment.

  1. Click Connectors to display the list of managed connectors.
  2. Click New Connector to add a connector to the list.
  3. Fill in the required fields as follows:
    • Name. Provide a unique name for the connector.
    • Port. Enter the TCP port number to be used.
    • Max Threads. Enter number of threads on that Tomcat connector. Entering 20 is enough for the HTTP connector, but you should increase the value for an HTTPS connector because this is usually the port used by the devices to connect to the server. If your devices are in always-on mode, be careful to declare enough threads in this field.
    • Secure. Select this check box to declare a HTTPS connector. Leave it cleared for an HTTP connector.
    • Specify external port. Check the Specify external port box if the port used externally is not the same as the internal port (in the case in which Port Address Translation is used in your network).
  4. Click Create.