Product Documentation

Declaring a Database Server in Multi-Tenant Console

Jan 28, 2013
XenMobile Device Manager stores its information in a repository database. You must declare all the database servers used by the tenants in Multi-Tenant Console. After you declare a database server, in the list of servers, you can click Check Connection to check the validity of the declared database server.

To declare a new database server

  1. Click the Database Server tab.
  2. Click New Database Server to declare a new server.
  3. Complete the following fields:
    • Name. Enter a name for the server.
    • Driver Class Name. Enter the database server type.
    • Host. Provide the IP address of the server.
    • Port. Provide the TCP communication port of the database server.
    • Admin Name and Admin password. Provide the administrator credentials to be able to create the required usernames, tables, and so on, to be used by the tenants.
    • Driver Jar File. If the database is of type MySQL, Oracle, or DB2, enter the JDBC driver jar file.
    • SQL Server Instance Name. If the database is MS SQL, enter a name in this field.
    • SQL Server Domain Name. If the database is MS SQL, enter domain name.
  4. Click Create.

To edit or delete a database server

  1. Click the name of the database server.
  2. Click Edit to edit the database server's parameters or click Delete to delete the database server.