Product Documentation

Obtaining App Controller Logs and Support Bundles

Oct 20, 2015

App Controller provides tools to help you gather information to solve issues that may arise with your deployment. You can use the command-line console to obtain logs and support bundles.

From the Troubleshooting menu from the Main Menu in the command-line console, you can use the following tools:

  • [0] Back to Main Menu. Return to the main command-line menu.
  • [1] Network Utilities. View routing tables, network information, and use traceroute and the PING command to check network connections.
  • [2] Logs. Configure log levels and download log reports to your computer.
  • [3] Support Bundle. Create a support bundle that contains system information, logs, database information, core information, trace files, and the latest configuration information for App Controller. You can select either the Secure Copy protocol (SCP) or the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to transfer the support bundle to the remote server for your support personnel.