Product Documentation

Configuring Logs by Using the Command-Line Console

Oct 20, 2015

You can use the command-line console to configure logs to troubleshoot issues that may arise with App Controller. You can revert back to the default log level control, create a new log, or display the current log.

If you need to troubleshoot an issue, you can create logs for debugging by using class and group log levels. You set these parameters with Citrix Technical Support personnel.

To configure logs by using the command-line console

  1. In the command-line console, in the Main menu, type 4 and then press ENTER to open the Troubleshooting menu.

  2. In the Troubleshooting menu, type 2 and then press ENTER to open the Logs menu.

  3. In the Logs menu, do one of the following:
    • Type 3 to restore the default log level control, which is level 4.
    • Type 4 to create a new log file.
    • Type 5 to display the current log. When you select this option, you can then select how many lines (from 1 through 1,000) of the log you want to view.