Product Documentation

Capturing Network Settings for Troubleshooting

Oct 20, 2015

You can use the command-line console to view the following network details:

  • Network information for each network adapter on App Controller
  • The App Controller routing table that lists routes to network destinations
  • The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) table information for App Controller
  • Detection of other networks by using the PING command
  • Network routes by using traceroute
  • The DNS name associated with an IP address by using DNS lookup
  • A network trace to provide to technical support personnel

To view network information for App Controller

  1. In the command-line console, on the Main menu, type 4 and then press ENTER to open the Troubleshooting menu.
  2. In the Troubleshooting menu, type 1 and then press ENTER to open the Network Utilities menu.

  3. In the Network menu, select one of the following options:

    • Type 1 to obtain network information about App Controller.
    • Type 2 to view the App Controller routing table.
    • Type 3 to view the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) table.
    • Type 4 to open the ping utility.
    • Type 5 to trace the network route of an IP address.
    • Type 6 to find the DNS name associated with an IP address.
    • Type 7 to obtain a network trace.
  4. Follow the command prompts for the selected option.

To return to the Troubleshooting menu, type 0.