Product Documentation

Worx Home

Oct 20, 2015

Worx Home is the Citrix enterprise mobility solution, allowing you enforce mobile settings and security while also providing access to a unified app store and live support services.

After users enroll with Worx Home, XenMobile communicates with Worx Home to deliver device-specific policies and Worx-enabled app policies, as well as to provide access to WorxMail and WorxWeb. Through the Worx Home app store, you can provide your users with enterprise Worx-enabled apps, web and SaaS apps on your company intranet, as well as HDX apps. You can also distribute third-party apps from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and you can ensure company security compliance through policies. For example, if a device is lost or stolen, you can remotely wipe the app of corporate data so that your sensitive data is not compromised.

Users can also make use of remote support features when you integrate GoToAssist, such as chat and email. Worx Home also provides geo-location and geo-tracking policies, for example, if you want to ensure that a corporate-owned device does not breach a certain geographic perimeter.

Worx Store

You can use Worx Store to distribute both managed and unmanaged apps to users. Through Worx Store, users can access wrapped mobile apps, SaaS and web apps, and HDX apps. To access Work Store on a device ,users tap the Worx Store icon. The apps that you provide to users appear as shown in the following figure.

Worx Home GoToAssist Support

When you configure Worx Home with GoToAssist, you provide remote support capabilities to users, such as email and chat. When users email support from Worx Home, a log file of the Worx Home app processes is attached in the email, so technical support representatives can help solve any issues. Users can also chat with a technical support representative from your organization, and include a log file for troubleshooting purposes. The following figure shows how users can access GoToAssist features from Worx Home.

Using Location in Worx Home

If your device has location services turned on, you can use Worx Home to find your location on a map, as shown in the following figures.

You can also set geo-location policies in XenMobile. For more information, see Creating iOS Policies and Creating Android Policies.

To send feedback to Citrix for Worx Home

You can send feedback to Citrix regarding Worx Home to communicate your issues and ideas for app improvement.

Worx Home for Kindle Fire

Users install Worx Home for the Kindle Fire from the Amazon appstore for Android. During installation, users can choose whether to accept Device Manager policies and to have their devices managed, or they can use choose to keep their devices unmanaged.