There’s a lot to consider when you’re planning a XenMobile deployment. What devices should you choose? How should you manage them? How do you ensure that your network remains secure while still being user friendly? What hardware do you need in place and how do you troubleshoot it? This handbook aims to help answer those questions and more. Throughout the following pages, you’ll find use cases and recommendations on topics that cover your deployment concerns, as well as questions you may have never thought to ask.

Keep in mind that a guideline or recommendation might not apply to all environments or use cases. Be sure to set up a test environment before going live with a XenMobile deployment.

The handbook has three main sections:

Assess: Common use cases and questions to consider when planning your deployment.

Design & Configuration: Recommendations for designing and configuring your environment

Operating & Monitoring: Ensuring the smooth operation of your running environment.

Note: Some of the sections in this handbook apply to XenMobile on-premises deployments only and some to both on-premises and XenMobile Service (cloud) deployments. A note indicates which deployment applies to the content in each section.