Product Documentation

To configure workflow email settings

Jun 07, 2013
  1. In the App Controller management console, click the Settings tab.
  2. In the navigation pane, under System Configuration, click Workflow Email.
  3. In the details pane, next to Workflow Email, click Edit.
  4. In Email server, type the name of the email server where user email accounts reside.
  5. In Port, type the port number.

    The default is port 25.

  6. In Email, type the email address of the service account and then click Save.

    The service account is the administrative account you use to log on to Active Directory.

  7. Optionally, select Authentication required if approvers must log on to the email server before sending workflow email and then enter the following:
    1. In Login name, type the approver's user name.
    2. In Password and Confirm Password, type the approver's password.
  8. Click Save.