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Configuring Connections to ShareFile

Mar 23, 2015

ShareFile is a cloud-based file sharing service. The service provides a custom-branded, password-protected space where users can easily and securely exchange their data and documents.

ShareFile enables users to send large files by email, securely handle file transfers to third parties, and access a collaboration space from desktops or mobile devices. ShareFile provides users with a variety of ways to work, including a Web-based interface, desktop tools, and integration with Microsoft Outlook.

When you configure ShareFile in App Controller, you configure settings to connect to the ShareFile account and administrator service account for user account management. Then, you can connect to ShareFile from the App Controller management console to configure administrator settings.

App Controller supports ShareFile StorageZones, which extend the ShareFile Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud storage by providing your ShareFile account with private data storage. ShareFile StorageZones also provides users with secure access to SharePoint sites and network file shares through StorageZone Connectors. For more information about ShareFile StorageZones, see the ShareFile documentation in eDocs.

Users connect to their documents and files by using the ShareFile application. To allow user access, you must configure the ShareFile application in App Controller.

The following steps enable user access to ShareFile:

  1. Upload a SAML certificate to App Controller. For details, see Configuring Certificates for SAML Applications.
  2. Configure the ShareFile administrator settings from the Apps & Docs tab in the App Controller management console.
  3. Configure the ShareFile application on the Apps & Docs tab in the App Controller management console. For more information about configuring ShareFile application connectors, see List of Application Connectors with Additional Parameters.

When you configure ShareFile application in App Controller, you can configure the following:

  • ShareFile domain, such as
  • Roles for users from Active Directory
  • Workflows for user account management
  • Service account for user account management

If you have not created one or more roles in App Controller, when you configure ShareFile, you can select Not Assigned. After you create roles, you can add the role to the ShareFile settings.

Important: The role you select should contain the same number of members for which you obtain licenses. For example, if you have 100 licenses, the role should contain the same amount of users. If you use the AllUsers role, which might have more Active Directory accounts than licenses, synchronizing accounts in ShareFile and App Controller might fail. If you previously selected the AllUsers role or a role with too many Active Directory accounts, you must manually remove the role from ShareFile and then add the new role.

To configure ShareFile administrator settings in App Controller

  1. In the App Controller management console, click the Apps & Docs tab.
  2. Under Apps & Docs > DOCS, click ShareFile.
  3. In the details pane, next to ShareFile Configuration, click Edit.
  4. In Domain, enter your Sharefile domain name, such as

    You must enter the full domain name for Sharefile, such as

  5. In Assigned role, select the role to which you want to assign ShareFile.
    Note: You must select a role. Citrix recommends that you do not use the AllUsers role for ShareFile. For more information, see Configuring Roles.
  6. Under Service Account for Provisioning, configure the following settings for user account management:
    1. In User name, type the email address of the ShareFile service account.

      The service account is the ShareFile administrator account.

    2. In Password, type the password of the ShareFile service account.
  7. Click Save.

After you configure ShareFile settings in App Controller, you can then configure settings on the ShareFile server by connecting to the ShareFile administrative account. These settings include:

  • User accounts
  • Administrators and super groups

    Super groups contain individuals who have administrative access and can change ShareFile settings. These individuals are referred to as super users.

  • Distribution groups
  • Folders
  • ShareFile accounts on devices

For more information about configuring these settings, see the ShareFile documentation.

The Advanced Configuration link only appears after you configure ShareFile in the App Controller management console.

To connect to the ShareFile administrative account

  1. In the management console, click the Apps & Docs tab.
  2. Under Apps & Docs > DOCS, click ShareFile.
  3. In the right pane, next to ShareFile Configuration, click Advanced Configuration.

    The ShareFile settings page opens in a new browser window.