Product Documentation

Installing App Controller by Using VMware ESXi

Jun 07, 2013

To install App Controller on VMware ESXi, you must first install VMware on a computer with adequate hardware resources. To perform the App Controller installation, you use vSphere. You install vSphere on a remote computer that can connect to the VMware host through the network. After you install App Controller, you can create virtual hardware components on VMware and then use vSphere to allocate them to App Controller.

When you install App Controller on VMware ESXi, you use the vSphere client. You select the OVF template to start the Deploy OVF Wizard. Follow the directions in the wizard to import the App Controller OVA (.ova) file. You provide a name for App Controller and then configure additional settings to import the file to VMWare ESXi.

After the import is complete, you set the App Controller properties in vSphere. These settings include:

  • Allow the virtual machine to start and stop automatically with the system.
  • Set the startup order for App Controller.
  • Set the memory size to 4096.
  • Set the number of VCPUs to 2.

For more information about VMWare ESXi and the vSphere client, see the manufacturer's documentation.