Product Documentation

Managing Citrix Receiver Updates

Jun 06, 2013

You can configure App Controller to update Citrix Receiver on Windows-based devices and Mac OS X computers. You can configure Receiver updates by using the following methods:

  • Do not check for updates. Update services are not provided.
  • Citrix. Updates Receiver from the Citrix update service on You can also select other plug-ins to update from Citrix. These include:
    • NetScaler Gateway Plug-in
    • ShareFile for Outlook
    • ShareFile Sync
  • Citrix Merchandising Server. Updates all plug-ins installed on the user device from the Merchandising Server that you specify.

If you configure StoreFront in Trust Settings, you cannot configure Receiver updates.

To configure Receiver updates

  1. In the management console, click the Settings tab.
  2. Under System Configuration, click Receiver Updates.
  3. In the details pane, next to Manage Receiver Updates, click Edit.
  4. In Get updates from, do one of the following:
    1. To prevent Receiver updates, click Do not check for updates.

      This is the default setting.

    2. Click Citrix ( Under Citrix Update Options, in Include plug-ins, select the plug-ins for updates.
    3. Click Citrix Merchandising Server. Under Merchandising Server Option, in Server, enter the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the Merchandising Server.
  5. Click Save.