Product Documentation

App Controller Compatibility

Mar 24, 2015

App Controller works with the following Citrix products:

Citrix product Release versions
Netscaler Gateway 10.1, Build 118.5
Access Gateway 10 10, Builds 71.6104.e and 73.5002.e
StoreFront 1.2 and 2.0

Compatibility with Worx Apps

App Controller supports the following versions of Worx Home, WorxMail, and WorxWeb. Users with mobile devices can connect from an external location to access email and intranet web servers. To allow users to connect, you must deploy NetScaler Gateway in the DMZ to support Micro VPN capability.

Citrix product Release versions
Worx Home for iOS 8.5
Worx Home for Android 8.5
WorxMail for iOS 1.2
WorxMail for Android 1.1
WorxWeb for iOS 1.1.1
WorxWeb for Android 1.1.1

Compatibility with Citrix Receiver

App Controller supports the following versions of Citrix Receiver. Users can connect from the internal network or from an external network. If users connect from the Internet, you must have NetScaler Gateway deployed in the DMZ.

Receiver Release versions
Receiver for Windows 3.4
Receiver for Mac 11.7
Receiver for iOS 5.8
Receiver for Android 3.4
Receiver for Web 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3

If users connect remotely with Receiver for Web Version 1.1, the connection must route through NetScaler Gateway.