Troubleshooting Tips

Running the systemctl start blx command does not start the Citrix ADC BLX appliance?

  • Look for any logs related to BLX configuration file (/etc/blx/blx.conf) parsing error in the Citrix ADC BLX boot log file (/var/log/blx-boot.log).
  • Look for crash related logs or any error logs in the SYSLOG file (/var/log/messages).

The Citrix ADC BLX appliance does not display any DPDK NIC ports?

Verify that Linux host NIC ports, to be used by the Citrix ADC BLX appliance, are bound to DPDK. For more information on binding NIC ports to DPDK, see Configure DPDK on the Linux host.

The Citrix ADC BLX appliance is always starting in the non-DPDK mode?

  • Verify that DPDK environment is set up properly.
  • Verify that file is present at the following location: /usr/lib64/blx.
  • Verify that the line dpdk-config: is uncommented in the BLX configuration file (/etc/blx/blx.conf).
Troubleshooting Tips