Installing NetScaler CPX on a Docker Host Using the NetScaler Management and Analytics System

From the NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS), you can install NetScaler CPX on a Docker host using the NetScaler CPX Dockerfile.


Make sure that you have:

  • Installed the NetScaler MAS server on Citrix XenServer. For more information, see NetScaler MAS Documentation.
  • Obtained the NetScaler CPX Dockerfile from your Citrix representative and copied it to your local system.
  • The Docker host has:
    • 1 CPU
    • 2 GB RAM
    • Linux Ubuntu version 14.04 and later.
    • The system is updated by using the apt-get command.
    • The following packages are installed: libc6-dev:i386, gcc-multilib, g++-multilib, lib32ncurses5-dev, zlib1g-dev:i386, libssl-dev:i386, build-essential.
    • Docker is installed on the Linux host system. To install Docker, run the following command at the Linux shell prompt:
        curl –ssl | sh*

      For more information about Docker installation on Linux, see

    • Docker host has Internet connectivity.
  • Docker remote API is enabled on the Linux Docker host.

To provision NetScaler CPX using NetScaler MAS:

  1. In a web browser, type the IP address of the NetScaler Management and Analytics System (for example,

  2. In the User Name and Password fields, enter the administrator credentials. The default administrator credentials are nsroot and nsroot.

    localized image

  3. Navigate to Infrastructure > Instances > NetScaler CPX.

  4. On the NetScaler CPX page, in the Docker Host tab, click Add.

    localized image

  5. On the Add Docker Host page, specify the IP address of the Linux Docker host, the root user credentials of the Docker host, and the remote API port (4243), and then click OK.

    localized image

  6. On the NetScaler CPX page, in the Instances tab, click Provision.

    localized image

  7. On the Provision CPX page, in the Select License Type tab, select any of the following NetScaler CPX type and click Next.

    • Licensed CPX – To install the licensed NetScaler CPX instances for enhanced NetScaler CPX performance, for more information, see NetScaler CPX Licensing.

    • CPX Express – To install the free distribution of the NetScaler CPX.

    localized image

  8. In the Provision CPX tab, browse and select the NetScaler CPX Dockerfile. Then, specify the starting port number of the range of ports that have to be exposed to enable external communication. Finally, specify the number of ports you want to assign to this instance. These ports are in addition to the standard ports: 80, 22, and 161.

    localized image

  9. Click Finish.

The following figure shows the details of NetScaler CPX instances provisioned on a Docker host. In the figure, the IP addresses are the single IP addresses implicitly assigned by the Docker engine to the instances. You can also view the port range assigned to each instance and the ports mapped to the SSH (22), HTTP (80), and SNMP (161) ports of the NetScaler CPX instances.

localized image


Installing NetScaler CPX on a Docker Host Using the NetScaler Management and Analytics System

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