Deploy Citrix ADC CPX with direct access to the network

In bridge networking mode, you can configure Citrix ADC CPX instance to have direct access to the network. In this scenario, the incoming traffic is directly received on the Citrix ADC CPX virtual server IP (VIP).

To enable this communication, you have to first configure a public IP address on docker0 bridge. Then, remove the public IP address from the network port eth0 and bind the network port to the docker0 bridge.

Configure load balancing by adding the two services and then configure a network public IP address as the VIP on the Citrix ADC CPX instance. The client requests are received directly on the VIP.

In the example configuration, the 10.x.x.x network denotes a public network.

To configure this scenario, run the following command at the Linux shell prompt:

    ip addr add dev docker0;
    ip addr del dev eth0;
    brctl addif docker0 eth0;
    ip route del default;
    ip route add default via dev docker0

Either by using the Jobs feature in Citrix ADM or by using NITRO APIs, run the following commands:

    add service s1 http 80
    add service s2 http 80
    add lb vserver cpx-vip HTTP 80
    bind lb vserver cpx-vip s1
    bind lb vserver cpx-vip s2
Deploy Citrix ADC CPX with direct access to the network

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