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Exporting an AppExpert Application to a Template File

When you export an AppExpert application, all application-configuration information is exported to a template file, and all deployment-specific information is exported to a deployment file. The string _deployment is automatically appended to the name of the template file to create the name of the deployment file. Both files are in XML format. If you choose to export the application template file to the Citrix ADC appliance, the template file is stored in the /nsconfig/nstemplates/applications directory and the deployment file is stored in the /nsconfig/nstemplates/applications/deployment_files/ directory. If you have configured a Citrix Gateway application, you can choose to include the Citrix Gateway policies in the template.

To export an AppExpert application to a template file by using the GUI:

  1. Navigate to AppExpert > Application, select an application entity, and then click Edit.
  2. On the Applications page, click the Export as a Template link to export the application configuration and deployment settings as a template.
  3. In the Export Application slider, set the following parameters:
    1. Template Filename
    2. Deployment Filename
  4. Click Continue and Done.
  5. Navigate to AppExpert > Application and click Manage Templates to show the exported configuration as files on the Template File and Deployment File tabs.

Exporting an AppExpert Application to a Template File

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