Citrix ADC

View persistence sessions

You can view the different persistence sessions that are in effect globally or for a particular virtual server.

Note: A Citrix ADC nCore appliance uses multiple CPU cores for packet handling. Every session on the appliance is owned by a CPU core. If the appliance receives a request for which a session does not already exist, a session is created, and one of the cores is designated as the owner of that session. Subsequent requests that belong to that session might not always arrive at and be handled by the owner core. In that case, inter-core messaging ensures that the session information on the owner core is always current. However, when a core receives a request that belongs to a persistence session owned by another core, the inter-core messaging does not refresh the timeout value for the persistence session. Consequently, in the output of successively executed show lb persistentSessions commands, which display timeout values from owner cores only, the timeout value for a persistence session might diminish to 0 (zero), even if the persistence session continues to be active.

To view a persistence session by using the command line interface

At the command prompt, to view all persistence sessions type:

show lb persistentSessions [<vServer>]


show lb persistentSessions myVserver

To view persistence sessions by using the configuration utility

Navigate to Traffic Management > Virtual server persistent sessions.

View persistence sessions