A valid license file should be installed on the Citrix ADC appliance. The license should support at least as many Gbps as the expected maximum Gi-LAN throughput.

License files should be copied through an SCP client to the /nsconfig/license of the appliance, as shown in the screen capture below.


shell ls /nsconfig/license/

CNS_V3000_SERVER_PLT_Retail.lic ssl

Do a warm restart to apply the new license, as shown in the screen capture below.


reboot -warm

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After the restart completes, verify that the license has been properly applied, by using the show license CLI.

In the example below a 3Gbps Premium license has been successfully installed.


> show license

             License status:

                                     Web Logging: YES


                                 Model Number ID: 3000

                                    License Type: Premium License