Download a Citrix ADC VPX license

After the initial instance launch, Citrix ADC VPX for AWS requires a license. If you are bringing your own license (BYOL), see the VPX Licensing Guide at

You have to:

  1. Use the licensing portal within Citrix website to generate a valid license.
  2. Upload the license to the instance.

If this is a paid marketplace instance, then you do not need to install a license. The correct feature set and performance will activate automatically.

If you use a Citrix ADC VPX instance with a model number higher than VPX 5000, the network throughput might not be the same as specified by the instance’s license. However, other features, such as SSL throughput and SSL transactions per second, might improve.

5 Gbps network bandwidth is observed in c4.8xlarge instance type.

Download a Citrix ADC VPX license