Citrix ADC

Configure DNS resource records

You configure resource records on the Citrix® ADC appliance when you configure the appliance as an ADNS server for a zone. You can also configure resource records on the appliance if the resource records belong to a zone for which the appliance is a DNS proxy server. On the appliance, you can configure the following record types:

  • Service records
  • AAAA records
  • Address records
  • Mail Exchange records
  • Name Server records
  • Canonical records
  • Pointer records
  • NAPTR records
  • Start of Authority records
  • Text records

The following table lists the record types that you can configure for a domain name record on the Citrix ADC appliance. For example, you can configure a maximum of 25 IP addresses for one record.

Table 1. Record Type and Number Configurable

Record Type Number of Records
Address (A) 25
IPv6 (AAAA) 5
Mail exchange (MX) 12
Name server (NS) 16
Service (SRV) 8
Pointer (PTR) 20
Canonical name (CNAME) 1
Start of Authority (SOA) 1
Text (TXT) 20
Naming Authority Pointer (NAPTR) 20


The maximum number of IP addresses for a specific host name is 25. However, the number of different address records can be more than 25.

Configure DNS resource records