Direct requests to a custom web page

The Citrix ADC appliance provides the SureConnect option to ensure that web applications respond despite delays caused by limited server capacity or processing speed. SureConnect does this by displaying an alternative web page of your choice when the server that hosts the primary web page is either unavailable or responding slowly.

To configure SureConnect on a virtual server, you must first configure the alternative content. For information about configuring a SureConnect website, see SureConnect. After you configure the website, enable SureConnect on the load balancing virtual server to put your SureConnect custom web page in use.

Note: For SureConnect to function correctly, you must configure it globally.

To enable SureConnect on a virtual server by using the CLI

At the command prompt, type:

set lb vserver <name> -sc <Value>


set lb vserver Vserver-LB-1 -sc yes

To enable SureConnect on a virtual server by using the GUI

  1. Navigate to Traffic Management > Load Balancing > Virtual Servers, and open the virtual server.
  2. In Advanced Settings, click Traffic Settings, and select SureConnect.