Citrix ADC

Classic Policy Deprecation FAQs

  • What are the classic policies deprecated from Citrix ADC 12.0 release onwards?

    All the features and functionalities mentioned in the table are deprecated from Citrix ADC 12.1 build 51.16. The features that are deprecated in Citrix ADC 12.1 build 51.16 onwards will be removed in a future release. Citrix recommends you to use the alternative features mentioned in the deprecated table.

  • How can I convert Classic policy based feature and functionalities to Advanced policy?

    You can use the Citrix ADC proprietary nspepi tool to convert commands, expressions, and configurations. nspepi tool helps to convert all the Classic expressions in the Citrix ADC configuration to the Advanced policy. For more information about the nspepi tool, see Converting policy expressions using NSPEPI tool

  • From which release onwards are Classic policy based features and functionalities deprecated?

    Citrix ADC 12.0 build 56.20 onwards.

  • What steps should I take when I upgrade my appliance to a build that does not support the features listed in the table?

    Citrix recommends you to replace Classic policy-based features with its alternative feature and functionality (as mentioned in Table 1) before you upgrade your appliance to a build later than 13.0. Citrix does not support Classic policy and its usage in builds later than the 13.0.

  • How long will the deprecated features be supported on Citrix ADC appliance??

    Citrix supports the policy based features and functionalities as per current software support guidelines. For more details refer to Citrix ADC Product Matrix

  • Do I have to reboot my appliance after converting the configuration file ?

    Yes, you have to reboot the Citrix ADC instance after successful conversion of the ns.config file.

Classic Policy Deprecation FAQs