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Self-service search for Access

Use self-service search to get insight into access details of the Citrix Cloud users in your enterprise. Access data is collected for the users who have access to the Citrix Access Control service.

To view the events, select Access from the list, select the time period, and then click Search.

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You see the following self-service search page for access data set.

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Access data and its timeline details are shown on the page. You can search and filter the data using the facets and search queries.

Select the facets to filter events

Use the following facets that are associated to Access data set.

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  • Reputation- Search events based on URL reputations such as clean, malicious, dangerous, or unknown websites.

  • Responder Action Type- Search events based on actions taken on users’ applications such as allow, block, and redirect.

  • Location- Search events based on users’ access locations.

  • URL Category Group- Search events based on categories of URL accessed such as adult, business, industry, computing.

  • Content Category- Search events based on categories of contents accessed such as application, image, and text.

  • Request- Search events based on HTTP methods such as GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.

  • Response- Search events based on HTTP response.

  • Browser- Search events based on the browsers used by the users.

  • Device- Search events based on the devices used such as android phones, iPhones, MacBook.

  • Operating System- Search events based on the operating systems installed on the devices.

For example, you want to view the users whose access are blocked in the last one month. Select BLOCK in the Responder Action Type facet. Select the time period and click Search. The search page displays the corresponding events.

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Specify search query to filter events

When you place your cursor in the search box, you get the list of search suggestions for the Access data set. Use the search suggestions to specify your query and filter the events.

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You can also use operators in your search queries to narrow the focus of your search. For more information on the valid operators, see Use search query in the search box to filter events.

For example, you want to view the test domains where data download is more than 2,000 Bytes. You need to specify your search query as follows:

  1. Specify the required word in the search box to get the related suggestions.

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  2. Click Domain, the equal sign, and then specify the value. The value specified is test.

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  3. Use the AND and > operators in your search query.

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  4. Select the time period and click Search to view the events based on your search query.

For more information on how to use self-service search, see the About self-service search topic.

Self-service search for Access