Self-service search for Authentication

Use self-service search to get insight into authentication details of the Citrix Cloud users in your enterprise. Citrix Analytics receives user authentication events from the Citrix Access Control service. The search provides you a detailed report of the user authentication events, helps you to identify any data issues, and troubleshoot it.

To view the events, select Authentication from the list, select the time period, and then click Search.


On the self-service search page, use the facets and the search box to filter the events.

Select the facets to filter events

Use the following facets to filter the authentication events:

  • Authentication Domain Name- Search events based on methods used to authenticate the domains.

  • Authentication Product- Search events based on authentication product.

  • Event Type- Search events based on user event type such as login, logout.

Specify search query to filter events

When you place your cursor in the search box, you get the list of search suggestions for the authentication data set. Use the search suggestions to specify your query and filter the events.

You can also use operators in your search queries to narrow the focus of your search. For more information on the valid operators, see Use search query in the search box to filter events.

Self-service search for Authentication