Authoritative DNS analytics

After you configure the authoritative DNS, you can view analytics for the requests that are handled by the authoritative DNS over a specific period. For information on how to configure authoritative DNS, see Configure authoritative DNS.

The analytics for authoritative DNS enables you to:

  • Visualize the total number of requests that are handled by the authoritative DNS, the maximum number of requests, and the average number of requests during the selected duration.
  • Filter the number of requests based on certain categories.

Navigate to Analytics and click the Authoritative DNS tab. Select the duration, categories, and then click Apply Filter to view the dashboard.

Dashboard overview

Authoritative DNS analytics

  1. Enables you to select the duration from the list to view details for a specific duration.

  2. Enables you to apply filters and view authoritative DNS metrics. You can apply filters for:

    • Zones
    • Resources
    • DNS Request Types
    • Continents
    • Countries
    • Regions
    • States
    • Networks
  3. Hover over the graph to see the timestamp and the number of requests received.

Authoritative DNS analytics