Citrix App Delivery and Security Service – Self Managed

WAF recommendations

Citrix Web App Firewall (WAF) and WAF Signatures protect your web applications from malicious attacks. WAF signatures provide specific, configurable rules to simplify the task of protecting your websites against known attacks. A signature represents a pattern that is a component of a known attack on an operating system, web server, website, XML-based web service, or other resource. To protect your application using signatures, you must review the rules, enable, and configure the ones that you want to apply.

Similarly, to prevent data breaches and provide the right security protection in the application, you must create a WAF profile with security checks. When you create a WAF profile in the ADC instance, the traffic might:

  • Get generated with the mentioned security checks

  • Not get generated with the mentioned security checks

The instance might be receiving other attacks, but you might not have enabled that security check in the WAF profiles.

As an administrator, you must understand to enable the right signatures and create the right WAF profiles to protect the web application. Identifying the right signatures and the WAF profiles might be a difficult task at some scenarios.

Citrix App Delivery and Security Service – Self Managed WAF recommendation scans the application for vulnerabilities and generates the following recommendations:

  • WAF Profile

  • WAF Signature

For more information, see WAF profile and WAF Signatures.

WAF recommendation database is updated on a frequent duration to include any new vulnerabilities. You can scan and then select to enable the required recommendations. You can enable all signatures and security checks, but it might result in false positives and affect the ADC instance performance. Hence, it is recommended to select only the required security checks and signatures. WAF recommendation engine also automatically detects which signatures and security checks must be enabled for the application.

WAF recommendations