Citrix App Delivery and Security Service – Self Managed

Network functions

Using the Network Functions feature, you can monitor the state of the entities configured on your managed Citrix Application Delivery Controller (Citrix ADC) instances. You can view statistics such as transaction details, connection details, and throughput of a load balancing virtual server. You can also enable or disable the entities when you plan a maintenance.

The Network Functions dashboard provides you with the following graphs:

  • Top 5 virtual servers with highest client connections

  • Top 5 virtual servers with highest server connections

  • Top 5 virtual servers with maximum throughput (MB/sec)

  • Bottom 5 virtual servers with lowest throughput (MB/sec)

  • Top 5 instances with most virtual servers

  • State of the virtual servers

  • Health of the load balancing virtual servers

  • Protocols

  • Load Balancing Method

  • Load Balancing Persistence

Network functions