Product Documentation

Citrix PVS

You can publish layered images to PVS running on MS Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Nutanix AHV Acropolis, or Citrix Hypervisor.

Software requirements

When creating a Platform layer for PVS, the following software must be available in a location accessible to the packaging machine:

  • PVS installer.
  • Hypervisor tools, if this is a second hypervisor and the tools are not already included in the OS layer.*
  • Connection broker installer, if using a broker.

*The tools for your hypervisor must be installed on your OS layer, unless this Platform layer is intended to run on another hypervisor. Hypervisor tools installed in the Platform layer override hypervisor tools installed on the OS layer.

When adding a new version to this layer, you need only have the installers for related updates that you are adding.

Citrix PVS prerequisites

  • IPv6 must be disabled on the OS layer.

    If IPv6 is not disabled on your OS Layer, add a new Version to the OS Layer and disable IPv6 in the new Version.

    IMPORTANT: If you disable IPv6 on the Platform layer instead of on the OS layer, the resulting PVS machines will lose their network connection and hang when they are booted.

  • App Layering agent

    The agent must be installed on each PVS server to which you publish images, and at each location where you will run connector configuration scripts. Each agent must be registered with the App Layering appliance.

  • PVS servers where the agent is installed

    The PVS console must be installed on all PVS servers where the agent is installed.

  • PVS Target Device Imaging software

    The PVS Target Device Imaging software must be available to install on the Platform layer. The version must match the PVS server where the layered image will be published.

  • PVS resource information

    The PVS info listed in this PVS Connector Configuration topic.

  • PowerShell Snap-in

    Appropriate PowerShell Snap-in must be installed.

  • Unique CMID for each target device (if using KMS)

    When using KMS licensing, PVS requires that each target device has a unique CMID. For the full story, check out this Citrix article, Demystifying KMS and Provisioning Services. Rearming KMS is covered in the steps to Create a Platform layer.

  • Additional PVS settings you use in your environment

    Any settings you need to configure PVS on your Platform layer so that it matches the environment where the layered image will be used.

  • PVS in Hyper-V

    Requires a Legacy Network Adapter to Pre-Boot Execution Environment boot.

Hypervisor prerequisites

  • Software and settings - Access to the software to install on the layer.

  • Hypervisor resource information - The hypervisor info listed in the connector configuration you are using.

Connection broker prerequisites

You need any installers, tools, and settings required to run your connection broker on the hypervisor you are using.

Required Tools and Settings

  • KMS settings, if using KMS licensing

Once you have the requirements, you are ready to create the Platform layer.