VMware Horizon View in vSphere

When creating a Platform Layer for publishing images to a Horizon View environment, you need:

  • An OS Layer

  • VMware View Agent installed on the Platform layer: The VMware View Agent installer for the Windows OS you are using must be installed on the Platform layer.

  • VMware Horizon View Composer resource information: The Horizon View info listed in this VMware Horizon for vSphere connector configuration topic.

  • vSphere resource information: The vSphere info listed in vSphere connector configuration.

If you are creating layers on a different platform than the one from which you imported the operating system, you also must install the following software:

  • Network access to the OS Machine Tools: Access from the Platform layer packaging machine to the OS Machine Tools download (available on the Citrix Download page).

  • App Layering Agent and PowerShell Snap-in, if using a Script as part of the connector configuration: As part of the connector configuration, if you include a script to run on the newly published layered image, you will need the Agent and PowerShell Snap-in installed and running.

  • vSphere software and settings: Access to the vSphere software to install on the layer.

VMware Horizon View in vSphere