Product Documentation

Connectors for Layering

Jan 11, 2018

When you create layers in a XenServer environment, you need a Connector Configuration to define the hypervisor location from which you:

  • Import the operating system image when creating your OS layer.
  • Deploy a virtual machine for the layer and install the application software or the layer.

Citrix recommends that you use the hypervisor where you install the App Layering appliance. If you create layers on a hypervisor other than the installed appliance, you can use a network file share instead of a XenServer Connector Configuration. You can manually copy the file from your hypervisor to the file share after you install the software for the layer.

For details, about configuring a Conector, see XenServer Connector Configuration

For details about using a network file share instead of a Connector Configuration, see Network file share on the appliance