Citrix Application Delivery Management service

View WAF learning Actions Summary

The WAF Learning Actions Summary page enables you to view all the deployed rules.


1 – Select Learned Rules or Idle Rules from the list to view details in the dashboard.

2 – An advanced search bar that enables you to show the result based on the suggestions and operators.

3 – Time duration list for which you want to view the result

4 – A graph format result that enables you to drag and select the graph to filter the results

5 – The deployed or removed rules details

Click > to view the details.

View failed rules

If a deployed learn rule has failed, you can view the failure reason.

Failed rule

The advanced search bar enables you to view the results as per your requirement. When you click the search box, the search box gives you a list of search suggestions. You can also use operators in your search queries to narrow the focus of your search.

The following suggestions are displayed when you place the mouse pointer on the search box:

Advanced search

  • Learn-Profile-Name – Indicates the learning profile name that you configured

  • ADC-IP – Indicates the Citrix ADC instance IP address

  • Violation-Name – Indicates the violation name such as Start URL, Cross-Site script, and so on

  • URL – Indicates the web application URL

  • WAF-Profile-Name – Indicates the profile name created on the ADC instance

  • Application-Name – Indicates the Citrix ADC instance name

  • Breach-Count – Indicates the total threshold breached

  • Status – Indicates the deployed rules status

Filter results

From the Actions Summary, you can filter results by selecting the following options:

  • Learn Profile Name - Filter based on the learn profile name.

  • Violation Name - Filter based on the violation name such as Start URL, HTML Cross-Site Scripting, Content Type, and so on.

  • Status - Filter based on the status of the deployed or idle rules.

  • Action By - Filter based on the user.

    Actions summary

View WAF learning Actions Summary