Citrix Application Delivery Management service

View relaxation rules and idle rules

After you configure the learning profile, Citrix ADM starts to get a list of relaxation and idle rules. To view the relaxation and idle rules:

  1. Navigate to Security > WAF Learning > Learn Profiles.

    The Learn Profiles page indicates the WAF learning profile name, total Citrix ADC instance associated, total WAF profile created on the instance, total learned rules, total deployed rules, and the status.

  2. Select the profile name and click Manage Rules.

    Present GUI

    You can view the total rules, total learned rules, total deployed rules, and total idle rules for the selected profile.

    Manage rules

    • Click the Learned Rules tab to view the relaxed rules. Select the rule, validate, and click Add & Deploy, Deploy, Edit & Deploy, or Delete.

      • Add & Deploy - Enables you to create a new rule with the security check options. After you create the rule, click Deploy.

      • Deploy - Enables you to deploy the relaxed rule.

      • Edit & Deploy - Enables you to edit the rule before you want to deploy.

      • Delete - Enables you to delete the rule.

    • Click the Deployed Rules tab to view the deployed rules. Select a rule and choose to delete, enable, or disable the rule.

    • Click the Idle Rules tab to view the idle rules. Click Delete if you want to delete the rule.


    The violation list is available until the configured grace duration. After the grace period, Citrix ADM deploys the available violations automatically.

    For each configured learned profile, you can view up to 1 million learned rules.

View relaxation rules and idle rules