Discover API endpoints

You can view the discovered the API endpoints that are in your organization using API Gateway. Citrix ADM discovers the API endpoints based on the API traffic received on ADC instances and API deployments.

In Citrix ADM, the Security > API Gateway > API Discovery page displays the discovered API endpoints.

  • Virtual servers - The Vserver tab displays the virtual servers from your ADC instances. The virtual servers appear in this tab when they receive the API requests for the specified period.

    API discovery - virtual server

  • API deployments - This tab displays the API deployments that are deployed from Citrix ADM using an API definition. This tab discovers the API endpoints when API deployments receive the API requests for the specified period. To add and deploy an API definition, see Add an API definition and Deploy API definitions.

    API discovery - API deployment


  • Ensure to configure analytics and enable Web Insights on virtual servers. See, Enable Web Insight on API instances.

  • You can only add policies to the API endpoints that are discovered under the API deployments tab.

View API endpoints

In API Discovery, when you select a virtual server or API deployment, the Citrix ADM GUI displays the API endpoints and their details such as:

  • Method - It displays the method used in an API endpoint. For example, GET and POST methods
  • Total requests - It displays the count of API requests on the API endpoint.
  • Response statuses - It displays the count for each response status. For example, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, and 5xx.
  • Found in Spec - This column appears only for API deployments. Sometimes, the internal APIs that are not part of the API definition might receive traffic from outside. This column helps you identify whether the API endpoint and observed method are part of the API definition.

Virtual servers:

API endpoints in the virtual server

API deployments:

API endpoints in the virtual server

You can also select the required API endpoint to view its detailed analytics report.

Detailed API endpoint report

For more information about each section, see View API analytics.

Discover API endpoints