Configure Intelligent App Analytics

The Intelligent App Analytics feature is supported only in Citrix ADC 12.1 Build 50.28 or later. Metrics Collector pushes the Citrix ADC counter data to Citrix ADM, which is used to detect application issues. To use the Intelligent App Analytics feature, Metrics Collector must be configured on each Citrix ADC instance. By default, Metrics Collector is enabled on Citrix ADC, while you add the instance to Citrix ADM.

To ensure if Metrics Collector is enabled:

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Instances. Under Instances, select the type of instance you want to monitor (for example, Citrix ADC VPX).

  2. Select the Citrix ADC instance.

  3. From the Select Action list, select Metrics Collector.


  4. On the Configure Metrics Collector settings page, ensure if Enable option is selected. If not, select the Enable option and click OK.


    Once the Metrics Collector option is enabled on the Citrix ADC instance, navigate to Applications > Dashboard. Select an instance to view anomalies under Issues section.

It is recommended to also enable analytics to visualize issues such as detailed web transactions for server errors (5xx). For more information, see Enable Analytics.

Configure Intelligent App Analytics