Service Graph

The Service Graph feature in Citrix ADM enables you to monitor all services in a graphical representation. This feature also enables you to view a detailed analysis and actionable metrics of the services.

Service Graph for cloud native applications

Using the Service Graph for cloud native application feature in Citrix ADM, you can:

  • Ensure end-to-end observability of your application overall performance

  • Identify bottlenecks created by inter-dependency of different components of your applications

  • Gather insights into the dependencies of different components of your applications

  • Monitor services within the Kubernetes cluster

  • Monitor which service has issues

  • Check the factors contributing to performance issues

  • View detailed visibility of service HTTP transactions

  • Analyze the HTTP, TCP, and SSL metrics

By visualizing these metrics in Citrix ADM, you can analyze the root cause of issues and take necessary troubleshooting actions faster. Service Graph displays your applications into various component services. These services running inside the Kubernetes cluster can communicate with various components within and outside the application. To get started, see Setting up service graph