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Create a threshold and alert for application analytics

Application analytics on Citrix Application Delivery Management (Citrix ADM) allows you to monitor the various types of traffic passing through Citrix ADC instances. Citrix ADM allows you to set thresholds on various counters used to monitor the insight traffic. You can also configure rules and create alerts in Citrix ADM.

  1. In Citrix ADM, navigate to Analytics > Settings > Thresholds. On Thresholds page that opens, click Add.

  2. On the Create Thresholds and Alerts page, specify the following details:

    1. Name. Type in a name for creating an event for which Citrix ADM generates an alert.

    2. Traffic Type. From the list box, select APPANALYTICS.

    3. Entity. From the list box, select the category or the resource type. By default, “applications” is selected as the entity.

    4. Reference Key. A reference key is automatically generated based on the traffic type and entity that you have selected.

    5. Duration. From the list box, select the time interval for which you want to monitor the entity. You can monitor the entities for an hour, or for a day, or for a week’s duration.

      localized image

  3. In the Configure Rule section create a rule by choosing the App Score metric, a required comparator, and provide a threshold value.

    localized image

  4. Click Enable Alert to allow Citrix ADM to start monitoring the entities.

  5. Optionally, configure actions such as email notifications and SMS notifications. Click Create.

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Create a threshold and alert for application analytics

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