Web Insight dashboard

The improved Web Insight feature is augmented and provides visibility into detailed metrics for web applications, clients, and Citrix ADC instances. This improved Web Insight enables you to evaluate and visualize the complete application from the perspectives of performance and usage together. As an administrator, you can view Web Insight for:

  • An application. Navigate to Applications > Dashboard, click an application, and select Web Insight tab to view the detailed metrics. For more information, see Application Usage Analytics.

  • All applications. Navigate to Applications > Web Insight and click each tab (Applications, Clients, Instances) to view the following metrics:

    Applications Clients Instances
    Application with Response Time Anomalies Clients Instance Metrics
    Applications Geo Locations Applications
    Servers HTTP Request Methods Domains
    Domains HTTP Response Status URLs
    Geo Locations URLs HTTP Request Methods
    URLs Operating System HTTP Response Status
    HTTP Request Methods Browsers Clients
    HTTP Response Status SSL Errors Servers
    SSL Errors SSL Usage Operating System
    SSL Usage   Browsers

    Web Insight

In each metric, you can view the top 5 results. You can click to drill down further to analyze the issue and take troubleshooting actions faster.


In some scenarios, Citrix ADC might not be able to calculate the RTT values for some transactions. For such transactions, Citrix ADM displays the RTT values as

  • NA – Displays when the ADC instance cannot calculate the RTT.
  • < 1ms – Displays when the ADC instance calculates the RTT in decimals between 0 ms and 1 ms. For example, 0.22 ms.

Under SSL Errors, you can view details for the following SSL parameters:

  • Cipher mismatch

  • Unsupported Ciphers

Under SSL errors, click an SSL parameter (Cipher Mismatch or Unsupported Ciphers) to view details such as the SSL cipher name, the recommended actions, and the details of the affected applications and clients.

SSL error details

The details page appears for the selected SSL parameter. You can:

  • Review the suggestions provided in the Recommended Actions.

  • View the cipher names and number of occurrences under SSL Cipher.

  • View the total applications and clients affected.

    Cipher details

Click the SSL Cipher name to see the applications and clients that are affected with the selected SSL Cipher.

Affected application and client details

Other use case

Consider that you want to analyze the server network latency for 1-month time duration and take a decision whether to scale up or scale down the production environment. To analyze this:

  1. Select Last 1 Month from the list and from the Applications tab, scroll down to Servers, and click a server.

    App Web Insight

    The metrics details for the selected server are displayed.

  2. Select the Server Network Latency tab to analyze the latency.

    Server network latency

    The average latency indicates 10.01s and from the graph, you can analyze that the server network latency for the last 1 month seems to be high. As an administrator, you can take a decision to scale up the production environment.

Web Insight dashboard