Citrix Application Delivery Management service

Allocate CADS Service Self Managed capacity to ADC instances

You can allocate the CADS Service Self Managed entitlement and capacity in two ways:

To allocate CADS Service Self Managed capacity from the Citrix ADM GUI:

  1. Log in to Citrix ADM.

  2. Navigate to Infrastructure > Self Managed > Bandwidth Licenses > Self Managed Pool.

  3. Click the license pool that you want to manage - Standard, Advanced or Premium.


    The Allocated Capacity field does not reflect the changed bandwidth immediately. The bandwidth change takes effect after the ADC warm restart.

    In Allocation Details, the Requested and Applied fields are updated when you change the instance’s bandwidth allocation.

  4. Select an ADC instance from the list of available instances by clicking the > button.

    Pooled instances in Citrix ADM

    The License status column displays corresponding entitlement allocation status messages.


    The Unmanaged Instances tab displays the instances that are discovered but not managed in Citrix ADM.

    Unmanaged instances

  5. Click Change allocation or Release allocation to modify the license allocation.

  6. A pop-up window with the available licenses in the License Server appears.

  7. Choose the bandwidth or instance allocation to the instance by setting the Allocate list options. After making your selections, click Allocate.

  8. You can also change the allocated license edition from the list options in the Change License Allocation window.

    Change license allocation window


    Warm restart an instance if you change the license edition.

Allocate CADS Service Self Managed capacity to ADC instances

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