Citrix Application Delivery Management service

Check CADS Service Self Managed entitlement information

You can check the CADS Service Self Managed entitlements available on Citrix ADM by navigating to Infrastructure > Self Managed

Self Managed License Expiry Information

The dashboard displays the information on CADS Service Self Managed entitlements. If the entitlement information does not appear on the dashboard or there is a delay in the entitlement information getting added, click on Sync Licenses button and the available Bandwidth Pools, Count and expiry information is displayed.

For more information on configuring license expiry checks, see configure license expiry checks.

In the License Expiry Information section, you can view the details of the licenses that are going to expire

  • Feature - Type of license that is going to expire.

  • Count - Number of virtual servers or instances that will be affected.

  • Days to expiry - Number of days before license expiry.

To check the available pools for different license editions, navigate to Infrastructure > Self Managed > Bandwidth licenses > Self Managed Pool

Self Managed License Dashboard

Check License Usage

If you have configured Citrix ADM as a license server for ADC pooled capacity license, you can use the Citrix ADM GUI to check the status of the license. Navigate to Infrastructure > Self Managed > Pooled Capacity > License Usage.

Self Managed License Usage

For more information on license status type and what they mean, see Check license status.

Check CADS Service Self Managed entitlement information

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