Citrix Application Delivery Management service

CADS Service Self Managed entitlements

CADS Service Self-Managed is the new way to consume pooled licensing, with a high degree of automation in licensing and capacity management. Customers don’t need to manage licenses manually, and gain flexibility in managing their capacity needs across hybrid multi-cloud.


Make sure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • Ensure that you have Citrix ADM agent registered with Citrix ADM Service

  • You are using a Citrix ADC version ADC version 13.1 - 30.x or later

  • You are using a Citrix ADM agent 13.1 - 32.x or later

As part of the CADS Service Self Managed feature, the license information is automatically uploaded to Citrix ADM Service once the customer makes a purchase and creates a Citrix ADM agent on Citrix ADM Service. The licenses are directly downloaded to License Server Agent (LSA) or the ADM Agent in your VPC/data center, as part of the ADM infrastructure.


CADS Self Managed Service is available only on ADM service.

Citrix ADM can host the existing Pooled and the CADS Service Self Managed entitlements. To use the required license, configure a license server on the Citrix ADC appliance and check out or allocate the capacity from the appropriate pool.

CADS Service Self Managed comes with the following features:

  • Available in Standard, Advanced and Premium editions

  • CADS Citrix managed premium entitlement of 100TB + 8 Million DNS queries for every Self Managed starter pool for the first year

  • Starter pools include 1 VIP per 1 Gbps or 1 VIP per 1 vCPU purchased. Additional ADM VIPs can be purchased as add-ons

For more information on the available CADS Service Self Managed entitlements, navigate to Infrastructure > Self Managed.

You can configure the IP address of a license server on Citrix ADC by:

Customers can also track information like license expiry and usage on ADM service.

CADS Service Self Managed entitlements

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