Citrix Application Delivery Management service

Citrix App Delivery and Security Service

Citrix ADM provides an easy and scalable solution to manage Citrix ADC deployments that include Citrix ADC MPX, Citrix ADC VPX, Citrix Gateway, Citrix Secure Web Gateway, Citrix ADC SDX and Citrix ADC CPX instances that are deployed on-premises or on the cloud.

You can use this cloud solution to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the entire global application delivery infrastructure from a single, unified, and centralized cloud-based console.

Citrix ADM provides all the capabilities required to quickly set up, deploy, and manage application delivery in Citrix ADC deployments and with rich analytics of application health, performance, and security.

Citrix ADM provides the following benefits:

  • Agile – Easy to operate, update, and consume. The service model of Citrix ADM is available over the cloud, making it is easy to operate, update, and use the features provided by Citrix ADM. The frequency of updates, combined with the automated update feature, quickly enhances your Citrix ADC deployment.

  • Faster time to value – Quicker business goals achievement. Unlike with the traditional on-premises deployment, you can use your Citrix ADM with a few clicks. You not only save the installation and configuration time, but also avoid wasting time and resources on potential errors.

  • Multi-Site Management – Single Pane of Glass for instances across Multi-Site data centers. With the Citrix ADM, you can manage and monitor Citrix ADCs that are in various types of deployments. You have one-stop management for Citrix ADCs deployed on-premises and in the cloud.

  • Operational Efficiency – Optimized and automated way to achieve higher operational productivity. With the Citrix ADM, your operational costs are reduced by saving your time, money, and resources on maintaining and upgrading the traditional hardware deployments.

How Citrix ADM Works

Citrix ADM is available as a service on the Citrix Cloud. After you sign up for Citrix Cloud and start using the service, install agents in your network environment or initiate the built-in agent in the instances. Then, add the instances you want to manage to the service.

An agent enables communication between the Citrix ADM and the managed instances in your data center. The agent collects data from the managed instances in your network and sends it to the Citrix ADM.

When you add an instance to Citrix ADM, it implicitly adds itself as a trap destination and collects the inventory of the instance.

The service collects instance details such as:

  • Host name

  • Software version

  • Running and saved configuration

  • Certificates

  • Entities configured on the instance, and so on.

Citrix ADM periodically polls managed instances to collect information.

The following image illustrates the communication between the service, agents, and instances:

Communication between service, agents, and instances

Documentation guide

The Citrix ADM documentation includes information about how to get started with the service, list of features supported on the service, and configuration specific to this service solution.

Citrix App Delivery and Security Service