Citrix Application Delivery Management service

Install an agent on GCP

The Citrix ADM agent works as an intermediary between the Citrix ADM and the discovered instances in the data center or on the cloud. You can deploy the agent on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to facilitate the secure remote management of Citrix ADC instances deployed within the Google cloud virtual network through Citrix ADM. For more information about how the Citrix ADM agent on GCP delivers for IT admins, read the blog Citrix ADM agent is now available on the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.


To install a Citrix ADM agent on GCP, you need a GCP account.

Install the Citrix ADM agent on GCP

Follow these steps to install a Citrix ADM agent on GCP.

  1. Log on to the GCP console ( using your credentials and go to the marketplace.

  2. In the search field, type Citrix ADM agent.

  3. Click Citrix ADM agent from the results field and then click Launch.

    Launch Citrix ADM agent

  4. In the New Citrix ADM agent deployment page, most of the options are set by default. You can change the default configurations as required and click Deploy.

    Deploy agent

  5. After the agent is deployed, click the instance link and check the details in the VM instance details page.

    VM instance details

  6. Log on to the agent through an SSH client using the agent external IP address. Use the following commands:

    ssh nsrecover@<external IP address of the agent>

    Password: Instance ID

    Can you find the external IP address and the instance ID in the VM instance details page.

    External IP address

    Agent instance ID

  7. Enter the following command to invoke the deployment screen:

  8. Enter the Service-URL and the Activation code that you had copied and saved from the Set Up Agents page in Citrix ADM as instructed in Getting Started. The agent uses the service URL to locate the service and the activation code to register with the service.

    Citrix ADM deployment

After agent registration is successful, the agent restarts to complete the installation process.

After the agent has restarted, access Citrix ADM and on the Set Up Agent page, under Discovered Agents, verify the status of the agent.

Install an agent on GCP