Citrix Application Delivery Management service


Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) requires a verified Citrix ADM license to manage and monitor the Citrix ADC instances.

The following are the license types supported for Citrix ADM for Service:

License type Entitled to
Virtual server 10 virtual servers and 5 GB storage per license
Storage 5 GB per license
Express license Citrix ADM Express account is a default account to manage ADM resources.

With an Express account, you can manage limited ADM resources. For more information, see Manage Citrix ADM resources using Express account.

After the purchased license is expired, you will have 60 days of grace period. During the grace period, you can choose the ADM resources that can be managed using an Express account.

For more information to get started with an Express account, see Getting Started and to manage subscriptions, see Managing Subscriptions.

Add a license


You can add only a pooled license for Citrix ADC instances.

You can add a pooled license for Citrix ADC instances in Citrix ADM. After you add the license, you can verify the license information in Accounts > Subscriptions.

To add a pooled license:

  1. Navigate to Networks > Licenses.

  2. Click Get Licenses to select the license file from your local computer.

  3. Select the license file (.lic) and click OK.

Expiry checks for virtual server licenses

You can now view the status of and set alerts for license expiry in Citrix ADM.

To view the status of the licenses:

  1. Navigate to Networks > Licenses.

  2. In the License Expiry Information section, you can find the details of the licenses that are going to expire:

    License Expiry Information

    • Feature: Type of license that is going to expire.

    • Count: Number of instances that are affected.

    • Days to expiry: Number of days remaining before expiry.

To configure the notification settings of licenses:

  1. Navigate to Networks> Licenses.

  2. In the Notification Settings section, click the pencil icon and edit the parameters.

    1. What would you like to be notified about? - Specify the percentage of the capacity.

    2. How would you like to be notified? - Select the following notification options:

      • Email – Specify a mail server and profile details. An email is triggered when your licenses are about to expire.

      • Slack - Specify a slack profile. A notification is sent when your licenses are about to expire.

      • PagerDuty - Specify a PagerDuty profile. Based on the notification settings configured in your PagerDuty portal, a notification is sent when your licenses are about to expire.

      • ServiceNow - A notification is sent to the default ServiceNow profile when your licenses are about to expire.


        Ensure Citrix Cloud ITSM Adapter is configured for ServiceNow and integrated with Citrix ADM service. For more information, see Integrate Citrix ADM Service with ServiceNow instance.

        Notification options

    3. Expiry of licenses - Specify the days before the license expires, when you want to get notified.