Citrix ADC VPX check-in and check-out licensing

You can allocate VPX licenses to Citrix ADC VPX instances on demand from Citrix ADM. The Licenses are stored and managed by Citrix ADM, which has a licensing framework that provides scalable and automated license provisioning. A Citrix ADC VPX instance can check out the license from the Citrix ADM when a Citrix ADC VPX instance is provisioned, or check back in its license to Citrix ADM when an instance is removed or destroyed.

Prerequisites: Make sure that the following prerequisites are met:

You are using a Citrix ADC VPX image running software version 12.0. For example:

Install licenses in Citrix ADM

To install license files on the Citrix ADM:

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Pooled Licensing, and click Add License File.

  2. In the License Files section, select one of the following options:

    • Upload license files from a local computer - If a license file is already present on your local computer, you can upload it to the Citrix ADM.

    To add license files, click Browse and select the license file (.lic) that you want to add. Then click Finish.

    • Use License Access Code - Citrix emails the license access code for the licenses that you purchase.

    To add license files, enter the license access code in the text box and then click Get Licenses.


    Make sure you are connected to internet before using license access code for installing the licenses.


You can view the available and allocated licenses in the Citrix ADM.

To display the licenses

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Pooled Licensing > Bandwidth Licenses > VPX Licenses.

    You can view the allocated licenses in the table under the available licenses section.

Allocate VPX license to a Citrix ADC VPX instance by using the ADC GUI

  1. Log in to the Citrix ADC VPX instance and navigate to System > Licenses > Manage Licenses, click Add New License, and select Use remote licensing.

  2. Enter the details of the license server in the Server Name/IP Address field.


    If you want to manage your instance’s VPX licenses through the Citrix ADM, select the Register with NetScaler MA Service check box and enter the Citrix ADM credentials.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. In the Allocate licenses window, select the type of license. The window displays the total and the available virtual CPUs and also the CPUs that can be allocated. Click Get Licenses.

  5. Click Reboot on the next page to apply for the licenses.


    You can also release the current license and check out from a different edition. For example, you are already running Standard edition license on your instance. You can release that license and then check out from Advanced edition.

  6. You can change or release the license allocation by navigating to System > Licenses > Manage Licenses, and selecting Change allocation or Release allocation.

  7. If you click Change allocation, a pop-up window shows the licenses available on the license server. Select the required license, click Get Licenses.

Allocate VPX License to a Citrix ADC VPX instance by using ADC CLI

  1. In an SSH client, enter the IP address of the Citrix ADC instance, and log on by using administrator credentials.

  2. To add a licensing server, enter the following command:

    add ns licenseserver (<licenseServerIP> | <serverName>) [-port <port number >]


  3. To show the available licenses on the licensing server, enter the following command:

    sh licenseserverpool


  4. To assign a license to VPX instance, enter the following command:

    set capacity –platform V\[S/E/P\]\[Bandwidth\]


Configure expiry checks for Citrix ADC VPX check-in/check-out licenses

You can now configure license expiry threshold for Citrix ADC VPX licenses. By setting thresholds, Citrix ADM sends notifications via email or SMS when a license is due to expire. An SNMP trap and a notification are also sent when the license has expired on Citrix ADM.

An event is generated when a license expiry notification is sent and this event can be viewed on Citrix ADM.

To configure license expiry checks

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Pooled Licensing.

  2. In the License Settings page, under the License Expiry Information section, you can find the details of the licenses that are going to expire:

    • Feature: Type of license that is going to expire.

    • Count: Number of virtual servers or instances that are affected.

    • Days to expiry: Number of days before license expiry.

  3. In the Notification Settings section, click the edit icon and specify the alert threshold. You can set a percentage of pooled licenses capacity to be used to notify administrators.

  4. Choose the type of notification you want to send by selecting the appropriate check box. The notification types are as follows:

    • Email Profile: Specify a mail server and profile details. An email is triggered when your licenses are about to expire.

    • SMS Profile: Specify a Short Message Service (SMS) server and profile details. An SMS message is triggered when your licenses are about to expire.

    • Slack Profile: Specify a slack channel. A notification is sent when your licenses are about to expire.

  5. Then, specify the number of days until license expiry that you want to start receiving the notification.

  6. Click Save.

Citrix ADC VPX check-in and check-out licensing