Use configuration jobs to replicate configuration from one instance to multiple instances

You might have configured both load balancing and AppFlow on a Citrix ADC instance for your deployment. However, now you want to replicate only the AppFlow configuration to other Citrix ADC instances.

You can use the Configuration Jobs feature of Citrix Application Delivery and Management to extract the AppFlow configuration from a Citrix ADC instance and replicate it on multiple instances.

To retrieve and replicate configuration from one instance to other Citrix ADC Instances:

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Configuration > Configuration Jobs, and then click Create Job.

    Create configuration jobs

  2. Specify the job name and the type of instance.

  3. Select Instance as the Configuration Source and select the source instance whose configuration you want to replicate. Select the type of configuration that you want to extract. If you select the “Configuration by time duration,” set the time period when you had run this configuration, and then click Extract.

    The number of commands run on that instance in the time duration you selected is displayed on the screen as highlighted in the image below.

    Specify a job

  4. Drag the commands to the Commands field in the right pane.

    Add commands to a job

    Retain only the commands related to FEO and manually delete the commands related to load balancing, or commands related to any other configuration, and then click Next.

    Delete unwanted commands

  5. Click Add Instances and add the instances on which you want to apply the FEO configuration. Click OK, and then. click Next.

    If you have specified variables in the commands, on the Specify Variable Values tab, click Download Input Key File. In the downloaded file, specify values for the variables, and then upload the file to Citrix Application Delivery and Management.

On the Job Preview tab, you can evaluate and verify the commands to be run on each instance or instance group.

On the Execute tab, click Finish to run the job on the selected Citrix ADC instances.

Use configuration jobs to replicate configuration from one instance to multiple instances