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Known issues

Citrix Application Delivery Management (Citrix ADM) has the following known issues:


  • When you enable AppFlow for cache redirection virtual servers, you might see an error message and you might not be able to enable AppFlow for that virtual server.


  • When you choose a time stamp from the Custom option in any analytics report, ADM does not display any data though you can see data when you select any default option for the same time stamp.



  • When you delete the users from Citrix Cloud, the deleted user names continue to appear in Citrix ADM in Settings > User Administration > Users.



  • When you search any list view in Citrix ADM using some search criteria, ADM might not display any results if the search criteria has the following special characters: \, $, &, ’, and “.


  • You might see failures in CPX registration in Citrix ADM, as the ADM service agent is not allowing CPX auto registration request.


Known issues

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