Known issues

Citrix Application Delivery Management (Citrix ADM) has the following known issues:


  • The Citrix ADM does not display any error message when you delete a DNS domain that is used in an application.


  • The Notification Settings for SSL dashboard might not work.


  • DNS domain names are not visible in Citrix ADM GUI immediately after an external user or a local user configures it through API.

    Workaround: Log out and log on again.


  • When you abort a config job that is in progress, the successful commands are not rolled back if “Rollback successful commands” option is selected for “On Command Failure” option in Execute settings page.



  • The pooled capacity option does not appear under Bandwidth License type at the first time.


    1. Select Virtual CPU Licenses from the License Type list.

    2. Change the selection to Bandwidth License to select the Pooled Capacity option.



  • When you delete the users from Citrix Cloud, the deleted user names continue to appear in Citrix ADM in Settings > User Administration > Users.

    [NSADM-5882, 686581]

  • You might still get the Not authorized to access error for an instance that is in your authorization scope.


Known issues