Citrix Application Delivery Management service

Known issues

Citrix Application Delivery Management (Citrix ADM) has the following known issues:


In Gateway Insight, when you schedule a report (Export Reports > Schedule Export), the generated report displays “Page Not Found”.



  • In the Security Advisory GUI under Networks>Instance Advisory>Security Advisory, all CVEs might not appear, and only one CVE might appear in reports or the advisory dashboard.

    Workaround: Clicking Scan Now to run an on-demand scan. After the scan is complete, all CVEs in scope (approximately 15) appear in the GUI or report.


  • When you abort a config job that is in progress, the successful commands are not rolled back if Rollback successful commands option is selected for On Command Failure option in Execute settings page.


  • ADM does not communicate with ADC BLX instances through SSH, and some ADC features such as Config Audit and Config Jobs might not work with BLX.



When you choose Citrix ADM licenses to create an Autoscale group, the pooled licenses do not appear.


Known issues