Known issues

Citrix Application Delivery Management (Citrix ADM) has the following known issues:


  • When you try to execute an aborted config job, you might see an “Invalid Request” error.


  • When you abort a config job that is in progress, the successful commands are not rolled back if “Rollback successful commands” option is selected for “On Command Failure” option in Execute settings page.


  • When you select the “Attach Site” option in the “Add Agents” page, Citrix ADM does not update the site for the instance which belongs to that site or agent.

    Workaround: Edit the site for that instance manually. Go to Networks > Instances. Select the instance and click “Edit”.



  • When you delete the users from Citrix Cloud, the deleted user names continue to appear in Citrix ADM in Settings > User Administration > Users.

    [NSADM-5882, 686581]

  • You might still get a “Not authorized to access” error for an instance that is in your authorization scope.


Known issues