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Creating a cluster of agents

The term Agent cluster refers to a mechanism where the agents attached to a site are logically grouped. If one of the agents fails, the Citrix ADC instances sending traffic to it are automatically reconfigured. The instances start sending traffic to one or more other healthy agents in that group or site.

Advantage of having agents clustered in a remote site:

Citrix ADM detects the failed agent, and implicitly all the instances are redistributed to other available agents in that cluster.

For example, we have two agents and that are attached and operational in Beaumont site as shown in the following image.

localized image

If one agent goes down, Citrix ADM detects it and displays the state as down.

The instances attached to that agent are automatically reconfigured to use the other agent from the same cluster for trap destination, syslog server, and so on.


There is some delay while reconfiguring the instances.

Creating a cluster of agents

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