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Enabling Analytics

You can enable analytics for a specific virtual server on a selected instance, representing an application, and monitor the traffic on that application. The Analytics feature then provides statistics for the virtual server.

To enable Analytics on Citrix Application Delivery Management:

  1. In a supported web browser, logon to your Citrix Application Delivery Management (Citrix ADM).

  2. Navigate to Networks > Instances, and select the Citrix ADC instance on which you want to enable analytics.

  3. From the Select Action drop-down, select Configure Analytics.

  4. Select the virtual servers, and click Enable AppFlow.

  5. To enable Security Insight on your HTTP virtual server, in the Enable AppFlow field, type true, and select the Security Insight check box.

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To enable HDX Insight and Gateway Insight, while clicking Enable AppFlow, select VPN virtual server configured on your Citrix ADC instance, and then in the Enable AppFlow dialog box, select ICA or HTTP check boxes accordingly.

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For information about HDX Insight, Gateway Insight, and Security Insight, see:

Enabling Analytics

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