How to Upgrade a Citrix ADM Service Agent

In Citrix Application Delivery Management (Citrix ADM), agents running on software version 12.0 build 501.117 and later are automatically upgraded to newer and recommended versions by Citrix ADM.

If your agent is running on a version earlier than 12.0 build 501.117, you have to first manually upgrade your existing agents to the latest version of Citrix ADM service agent.

To upgrade a Citrix ADM service agent manually:

  1. Using a supported web browser, log on to Citrix ADM.

  2. Navigate to Networks > Agents, and click the Download Agent icon in the top right corner to download the latest agent upgrade file.

  3. Using an SSH client, log on to your Citrix ADM service agent. Enter the credentials nsrecover/nsroot to log on to the agent if it is installed on a hypervisor or on the Azure cloud. Use username nsroot and the key file name as the password for an agent installed on AWS.

  4. Navigate to the agent images directory by running the following command:

    cd /var/mps/mps_images

  5. Copy the agent upgrade file to the agent images directory.

  6. Untar the agent image by running the following command:

    tar –xvzf <agent upgrade image file name>

  7. Upgrade the agent by running the following command:


    It might take from 5 through 10 minutes for the upgrade process to complete. To verify whether the agent is successfully upgraded, run the following command after the agent restarts:

    cat /mps/version.conf

How to Upgrade a Citrix ADM Service Agent