Citrix Application Delivery Management service

Import a StyleBook to configure an application for the Autoscale group

You can use the default StyleBooks in ADM to configure an application on an ADC Autoscale group. For more information, see the following links:

Alternatively, you can also create or import your own StyleBooks to create an application. The Autoscale group StyleBooks are similar to traditional StyleBooks. However, the StyleBooks to configure applications on ADC Autoscale groups and instances have a few variations. This article helps you to become familiar with the StyleBook rules to configure an Autoscale application.

Before you begin, ensure you have an ADC Autoscale group created in ADM.

To import a custom StyleBook to configure an Autoscale application, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Networks > AutoScale Group.

  2. Select the Autoscale group that you want to configure.

  3. Click Configure.

  4. Specify the following details:

    • Application Name - Specify the name of an application.

    • Access Type - You can use the ADM autoscaling solution to both external and internal applications. Select the required application access type.

    • FQDN Type - Select a mode of assigning domain and zone names.

      If you want to specify manually, select User-Defined. To automatically assign domain and zone names, select Auto-generated.

    • Domain Name - Specify the domain name of an application. This option is applicable only when you select User-Defined FQDN type.

    • Zone of the Domain - Select the zone name of an application from the list. This option is applicable only when you select User-Defined FQDN type.

      This domain and zone name redirects to the virtual servers in Azure. For example, if you host an application in, the app is the domain name and is the zone name.

    • Protocol - Select the protocol type from the list. The configured application receives the traffic depending on the selected protocol type.

    • Port - Specify the port value. The specified port is used to establish a communication between the application and the Autoscale group.

    Configure ASG applications

  5. Click Choose StyleBook.

  6. In the Choose StyleBook page, click Import New StyleBook. For more information on the import options, see Import and use StyleBook.

The Autoscale group StyleBooks have a few mandatory parameters. The following attributes list describes the variation between the Autoscale group and traditional StyleBooks:

  • Type - In the header section, include the type attribute with the value: autoscale.

     type: autoscale

    This attribute ensures the StyleBook is used to configure an application on the ADC Autoscale group only. And, it restricts the StyleBook from appearing in the Applications > StyleBooks list.

    The following is an example header of the Autoscale group StyleBook:

     name: autoscale-params
     namespace: com.citrix.adc.commontypes
     version: "1.0"
     description: "This StyleBook defines the parameters required for Autoscale Deployment"
     display-name: "Autoscale Parmeters StyleBook"
     private: true
     type: autoscale
     schema-version: "1.0"
  • Application Name - This parameter describes the application name and description. Specify the label field to display the parameter in the ADM GUI. This field is a string type.

         name: app_name  
         label: "Application Name"  
         description: "Name of the Application"  
         type: string  
         key: true  
           updatable: false  
           required: true
  • Virtual IP address - This parameter describes the IP address of a virtual server. The Autoscale group updates this parameter automatically.

         name: ip_address  
         label: "IP Address of the LoadBalancer"  
         description: "IP Address of the LoadBalancer"  
         type: ipaddress  
           hidden: true
  • IPSet - When you deploy an application, an IPset is created on clusters in each availability zone.

    • In AWS, the domain and the instance IP addresses are registered with DNS/NLB.

    • In Azure, the domain and the instance IP addresses are registered with the Azure traffic manager or ALB.

    You can specify IP addresses or an IP set in the Autoscale group StyleBook.

         name: ipset
         label: "IPSet"
         description: "Configuration for network ipset resource"
         type: string
           hidden: true
Import a StyleBook to configure an application for the Autoscale group